About Us

Almari Pret

Almari Pret is a renowned name that focuses on renting Indian clothing for woman with various preferences in style, comfort and affordability. I started this company because I'm part of an interracial family and we had a constant need of traditional clothing with minimal access. I also realized with reoccurring changes in fashion and latest trends, we need to change the way we shop. This experience then led to the idea of providing women with unlimited choices in styles of clothing and jewelry with the perks of being cost effective and easily accessible.

Almari which means "closet and Pret which means "fashion" we want to provide you with your desired look at an affordable price- just borrow, wear and return. This process is not only great for all the people out there looking for a cost-effective way to shop, but also convenient for all those busy woman who are on the go. You choose your look & we deliver every outfit not only altered to your size but with matching jewelry. So all you need to worry about is looking fabulous and leave the rest to us.

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