Style & Fit

Q. Fashion Tips
A. What should I do if I'm having trouble with the zipper? If you are having a hard time zipping your zipper, try using a bar of solid soap or solid candle on the track - this will maybe help zip your dress.

Q. Can I make alterations to my rental outfit?
A. Yes, but you may ONLY hand sew the item. If you make any permemnant alterations to something you’ve borrowed from our closet, you’ll be charged for the full retail value of the outfit.

Q. What if the dress I order doesn't fit?
A. If your outfit doesn't fit, contact us immediately upon receiving your order and be sure to postmark the unworn outfits within 24 hours. Once we receive your outfits, we will issue a merchandise credit less the cost of shipping. We only issue merchandise credits for fit in the following scenarios: 1) You reserve only one outfit and it does not fit 2) You reserve more than one outfit and none of them fit. If any of the outfits in your order fit, we do consider this a successful rental. We do not issue partial credits.

Q. What is a back-up size?
A. A back-up size is the second size we let you borrow FOR FREE if available.

Q. How do I ensure the outfit I rent fits?
A. When selecting your size, you will be able to choose according to your bust size and waist size. Your bust size is the measurement under your arms around your chest. Bust size is not your bra size. If you need any assistance while picking your size please email us at